May 13, 2010
I hate myself for this -___-

I really hate myself for this, really.  I’m not too sure if everyone is like this, but when I start missing my friends, I remember all the negative shit about them and I just rant off.  Dammit, I really hate it so bad. asfjasldfjlasdhfwuerasdfn.  Not too sure if it makes sense or not, but yeah that’s just how I feel.  Even if they make retarded posts on facebook, I got really irritated and I feel like I gotta share it with someone or something, which is a really bad move.  Like this one guy who’s name I won’t mention, we’ve been through a lot, no homo and like I’ve always been there for him no matter what.  I was his mentor or something and just thinking about it makes me a bit upset because I’ve put a lot in that friendship and it sucks because he’s just really hard headed.  I don’t want to see anymore failure or any talk out of that person if there aren’t any actions going on.  I kinda miss you man, I just can’t help remembering the negatives you brought upon yourself rather than to help you out again.  I just can’t do it for some reason.